20/20: 20 Niche Magazines Share the Secrets of Their Success

Wow! When we launched our 20/20 Magazine Profiles (20 magazines in 20 days in October) we had no idea we would immediately get over 500 enthusiastic responses. It’s always exciting when the email box blows up, isn’t it? The great ideas just keep pouring in and we can hardly wait to get started in sharing them with the Niche Media world.

In the multitude of responses and interviews over the last few days, we quickly saw what a passionate group this is and how they love their niche. They also truly understand their customer base. Throughout October we’ll share their lessons learned and strategies for success in their niche markets.

Keep an open mind– you may be a B2C, but an Association or B2B publication may still have great ideas that can be applied in your niche. Before we get started with the first 20/20 profile with a really great idea to share, here are some little truths that kept surfacing over and over in the conversations:

  • Niche pubs are passionate and know what is passion-worthy to share–your own knowledgeable opinion and your customer experiences really do count.
  • With all of us staring at pixels all day, (and some of you are watching cat videos too, admit it), we need to remind ourselves that our customers want us to bring humanity into all the technology with original, authentic voices, sharing of problems, stories and emotion.
  • If your industry is product-focused and the content quite dry, you can still be yourself and be a little dry-witted, even a little snarky in a fun way sometimes. Customers remember when you made them smile.

Stay tuned for our first profile!

– Diana Landau

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