3 Types of eBooks for Your Niche Magazine

Making your niche magazine available to your readers in tablet form is important. Since more and more people are purchasing tablets, it is important that you make your niche magazine available in this format so that readers can access the product anywhere. In order to help you get a better understanding of what an eBook is, we have put together the 3 different types available. Take a look:

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Check out the 3 different types of eBook available.

  • eBook: This is your very basic form of a digital version of your magazine available. A simple eBook will give you a static presentation of your niche magazine. You will be able to make the font size larger, however, other interactive features are not typically available.
  • Enhanced eBook: An enhanced eBook is the next step up from the basic eBook. This format allows you to make the content much more interactive and engaging for readers. Audio and video elements are often available with an enhanced eBook format, which will give your audience members a new way to interact with your content.
  • Interactive eBook: The interactive eBook format will take your digital version to a whole new level. Consider an interactive eBook to use elements such as: three dimensional objects, quizzes, interactive infographics, animation and video.
It is important to make sure you choose the right digital platform for your niche magazine in order to give your readers an engaging and interactive experience.


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