6 Ways to Improve Your Advertising Prospect e-Newsletter

by Ryan Dohrn



Are your sending your advertising prospects a separate e-newsletter tailored to their specific needs and interests? If not, you should consider adding this to your e-newsletter program.

If you can generate content that is valuable to your potential advertiser base you can keep your brand name on their radar even if they’re not quite ready to buy advertising space from you just yet. As you become a valuable resource for them, the chances of them becoming paid advertisers will increase with every e-Newsletter you send them.

Here are a few tips on putting together an effective ad sales e-newsletter:

  1. Keep it short.  While context is good, bullet points are better.  Plus, bullets are easy to read and you don’t want to demand too much of your potential advertisers’ time.
  1. REALLY, really focus on success.  Get a quotation from an advertiser and include it each month.
  1. Remove all of your sales pitch “stuff.”  The idea is to “give a little and get a little.”  Become a resource.
  1. Consultant Advertise.  A good ad sales person provides great consulting to advertisers. Provide helpful marketing info, successful promotional tips, web traffic techniques, etc. Ask yourself, “Why does this matter to them – how is this helpful?”
  1. Remove all references to “advertising.” Instead, replace them with “marketing” or “partnership.”
  1. Subject line is so important.  Spend a good deal of time pondering the subject line.  What would get you to open the email—or more importantly, not delete it?  Clever is good, but wacky is not.  Ideas to consider…
  • “Did you fire me?”
  • “Need a hug?”
  • “Are you ok?”
  • “Hey!  What is the deal with this…”
  • “Hot money, put out the fire.”
  • “Your boss wants you to buy an ad from me.”

Worst Ad Sales e-Newsletter Subject Line of All Time….

  • “Advertising deadline is next week.”

Best Ad Sales e-Newsletter Subject Line of All Time….

  • “Buy and ad… get a cat.”  – Carl Landau

Ryan Dohrn is President and founder of Brain Swell Media, a boutique internet revenue consulting firm with a detailed focus on ad sales training and media revenue generation.  Ryan travels the globe teaching media sales training classes and offers detailed coaching help business owners and media companies looking to make money online.

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