A Minor Ambition – “Minor Times” is Niched Out Magazine of the Month

 "Minor Times" is your source for anything you could ever want to know about the Morris Minor!

“Minor Times” is your source for anything you could ever want to know about the Morris Minor!

Could it have been my unsuccessful attempts to buy a dilapidated Morris Minor Traveller at the tender age of 13, much to my parent’s horror? Or was it when John Noakes (Blue Peter fame), in his series, ‘Go with Noakes’, placed an advert in a shop window selling his beloved Morris Minor Convertible? I didn’t stop crying for a week and never quite forgave him! All I know is that I’ve been into Morris Minors for as long as I can remember.

A few years later, I was buying a variety of classic car magazines and soon realized a ‘niche’ might exist for an E-magazine dedicated solely to the Morris Minor. Tony Aston, an extremely talented website designer came on board and created a superb website.

In Marc01h 2015, I launched Minor Times, a new E-magazine dedicated to the Morris Minor and hope to provide the latest news, reader’s cars, technical articles and happenings in the Minor World. Indeed, any variant of Minor, be it standard, concourse or modified will always be welcome. We attend shows; meet like-minded enthusiasts and have exciting plans for the future. These include having a Minor Times trade stall at Major classic car shows, merchandise and dedicated Minor Times annual rally.

I am restoring a 1964 Morris Minor Traveller and regularly share my reports and pictures on the dedicated Minor Times Facebook pages and Twitter. Indeed, when completed I hope to decorate my Traveller in Fablon FPictures - 070615 168lowers to create a unique ‘Flower Power’ mobile advertisement! ‘Minor Times will be adorned on the side windows and the web address in the rear door glass.

We can attend a Morris Minor Rally, give out flyers and have the report and pictures live in a few hours! This is the beauty of electronic magazines and one which printed magazines just cannot compete.

I believe the world Morris Minor community is like one big family and I am proud to be a part of it and further promote the Morris Minor, an iconic and lovable small car through Minor Times.



By Steven Parker, Editor of Minor Times


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