Creating a Content Marketing Style Guide

Creating valuable content is extremely crucial in your effort to grow your audience as well as your ad sales. While creating valuable content should be high on your list of priorities, another task relating to it should also be up there. Creating a content marketing style guide is also highly important to ensure you are going in the correct direction and getting everything you can out of your efforts. Take a peek at a few steps to creating a solid content marketing style guide:

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Check out some tips for creating a content marketing style guide.

  • Have a clear definition of your objectives and audience: The content marketing style guide you create will not act as a general AP style guide. Instead, your style guide will focus on a specific number of issues that will improve the overall quality of your content. This will also help you better understand the end goal and keep the top priorities in mind.
  • Create a format that is easy and organized: After you have clearly defined the wants and needs of your audience as well as what you hope to achieve, you will begin to format the style guide. Be sure to pick a format that is easy to go by and does not cause confusion. Group items that are similar together to make for an easier time getting through the style guide.
  • Promote and enforce: Having a content marketing style guide is useless if it merely simply sits on the shelf and collects dust. After you have taken all the steps to create a good content marketing style guide, put it to work! Ensure each staff member gets one and make note of how important it is to the publication.
Having a content marketing style guide is important in that it helps organize and guide your content. In addition, it will keep you on track with goals and objectives.




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