Design Dos and Dont’s that Boost Content Marketing: Part II

Welcome back to our series on design and content marketing. In the first part of the series, we discussed the things you should do when it comes to designing for content marketing. Now we will cover the things that should be avoided in regards to content marketing design. Check out the dont’s of design and content marketing:

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Check out the dont's of design and content marketing.

  • Don’t rely on gimmicks: One of the things that should be avoided when designing for content marketing is relying on gimmicks. While using certain sales tactics in content marketing is encouraged, solely relying on them can cheapen your brand and be a turn off to your readers.
  • Don’t try to cram everything in: While you are probably excited to tell your audience about a certain piece of information in your content marketing piece, it is important to make sure you are not packing too much in. Make sure to use a reasonably sized font and leave a decent amount of white space to make the piece easy to read.
  • Don’t forget to make design a team effort: Working as a team for the design of your content marketing can be extremely beneficial. This will give you the chance to get multiple opinions on the matter so that you can ensure you are putting the best piece out there.

Design plays a large role when it comes to content marketing and should be carefully considered. Make sure you are taking the right steps to ensure you are boosting the success of the piece.



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