Friday 2 Minute Stretch for Niche Magazine Publishers

We get so bogged down with everyday agendas that sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees, we’re knee deep in the muck, we lose sight of the big picture–know what I mean? So take off those swamp boots for a moment and put on some track shoes. It’s Friday, remember?


Win the work week race by doing our 2-min quick stretch on Fridays.

Here is our Friday 2 Minute Quick Stretch to check in with your media company’s content creation and social media ROI:

1.  How content rich is our website? When was the last time we sat down, put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and read it? What can we improve/edit/delete?

2.  Are we following the editorial calendar? Do we need to tweak today?

3.  Are we tracking social media results and gauging what works and what doesn’t, and how each channel contributes to overall revenue?

4.  Do we have phone appointments set up with thought leaders within our niche to learn the latest buzz?

5.  Have we identified top bloggers in our niche (or looked for new ones), and have we made a point to discuss content sharing?

Now ponder these questions this weekend (only a bit–you have to see your family/friends/run errands or a marathon/pet the dog too) so you can make them into action items and check them off your list on Monday.

Ready. Set. Go.


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