How to Boost Magazine Ad Sales While Maintaining Editorial Boundaries

In this niche digital magazine/blog/e-newsletter world, the lines  between editorial and advertising can get blurred very quickly. Authenticity can turn into a fake girlfriend overnight, if you will.

Last October we featured 20 big ideas in 20 days from the Niche Magazine Community. Many of you who submitted entries emphasized, quite passionately, how important it is to maintain those boundaries between editorial and advertising. Yet few shared how they actually do it – and how other publishers can do it. Setting editorial boundaries is something all publishers struggle with – The Atlantic‘s recent advertorial fiasco is one recent high profile example. Advertorial can be a big money-maker, but not if it comes at the cost of losing your credibility with your readers.

Find inner peace by creating a strategy to manage the needs of advertising and editorial

Find inner peace by creating a strategy to manage advertising and editorial boundaries

Nicole Durham, Publisher of the Oil & Gas Financial Journal, tells us that they have carefully maintained the right boundaries between editorial and advertising by taking a more holistic approach. She explains: “While the past has set the precedent for maintaining a church and state relationship between marketing and editorial, OGFJ recognizes the significance of the role of the advertiser, editor, publication, and branding as a whole. They have all evolved and we must reposition firms based on their area of expertise as opposed to standard advertising.

OFGJ targets top oil and gas executives, financial executives within the oil and gas community, oil and gas service/supply firms, analysts, and investors and taps into all that industry wisdom. What’s the result of the magazine’s repositioning strategy for their advertisers?  These types of partnership “packages” have opened the door for new revenue-generating opportunities and created new successes for their clients. It has also enhanced and expanded the perception of OGFJ within the industry as a top resource for thought leadership.

Kudos to OGFJ for making sure their editorial lines are clear while increasing ad sales at the same time.  Not so easy, as many of you know. What real-world strategies have helped your niche magazine keep clear editorial boundaries while improving ad sales at the same time? Yes, it can be done.  Share with us on Facebook or Twitter.


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