How to Cover Live Events in Content Marketing Pieces

Including live event coverage in your content marketing pieces for your niche magazine is a fantastic way to grab the attention of your readers. However, in order to make sure you are covering live events properly, it is important to take note of a few items. We have rounded up some tips for covering live events in content marketing. Take a look:

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Check out some tips for live event coverage in content marketing.

  • Let your readers know what to expect: Leading up to the live event that you plan to cover, it is a good idea to give readers some notice so that they can be aware of the piece. Make sure you tell them what platform this piece will be available on in order to reduce potential confusion.
  • Decide how you will cover it: It is important that you decide how you will cover the live event for your content marketing piece. A few ways to do this include: live blogging, daily wrap ups or post event details. Make sure you choose the style that best fits the audience’s tastes.
  • Don’t forget pictures: While good content regarding the live event is essential, pictures are also an element that are a necessity when covering a live event. Ensure you are drawing your readers in by providing good pictures to go along with the coverage.
Make sure you are taking all the necessary steps to make sure your live event coverage in your content marketing piece is the best it can possibly be.


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