How to Use Pinterest for Your Niche Magazine

It’s no secret that being up to date with social media platforms is essential to the success of your niche magazine. One of the newer social media platforms is Pinterest and we love the idea of using it in content marketing strategies. We have come across a few ways for using Pinterest for your niche publication. Take a look:

Niche Media

Check out some tips for using Pinterest for your niche magazine.

  • Share videos: While images are king on Pinterest, videos are also becoming increasingly popular. Create a board on Pinterest that is dedicated to videos to connect with audience members in a whole different way. The videos can be tips and tricks or simple updates on different topics.
  • Provide advice: Having a go-to place for advice on different subjects is also appealing to audience members when it comes to Pinterest. Use a board to offer different advice and how-to information on information that pertains to your content and magazine as a whole.
  • Inspire followers: Sometimes simple inspiration is all a reader is searching for. Consider creating a board that features quotes or powerful images to act as inspiration for your followers. Be sure to use items that relate to your magazine but are bit unique as well.
Using Pinterest is a great way to connect with your readers on a whole new level. Be sure you are taking the right steps to get the maximum results from your efforts.




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