Magazine of the Month: Scaffold & Access

Each month, we highlight a niche magazine that knocks our socks off. This month Alicia McGarry, Scaffold & Access magazine’s Editor, shares why her niche mag took her to new heights:

Editorial chops? Check. A proclivity for technical writing? Yup. A ready willingness to leave behind nearly 15 years of waxing on the fabulosity of all things super-luxe, despite living the life of a commoner? You bet.

When I landed the gig as editor of Scaffold & Access magazine, the publication of-record for the Scaffold and Access Industry Association, I knew what skills and will I possessed, the steep learning curve that stretched out before me and that inexplicable feeling one experiences having arrived home, professionally speaking. Even still, I could never fathom what lied ahead.

Immediately, I found myself head over heels with this association, its members and everything it’s doing to truly elevate safety standards, be that through our ever-burgeoning Accredited Training Institute (ATI) program or our alliance with OSHA. (We don’t align with their standards—they turn to us for such.)

Each month, we strive to disseminate accurate, compelling and cutting-edge content related to all things scaffolding and access—all while managing to make the whole shebang look damn sexy, to boot. Aesthetically pleasing or not, our foremost duty remains, ultimately, to save lives—and, at the end of a long work day, that’s kind of a hard feeling to beat.


This article is part of the May issue of Niched Out News. To read the rest of the issue, click below:

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Magazine of the Month: Scaffold & Access

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