Andy Clurman on Going Mobile & the Value of Quality Print

Niche digital success is all about finding the secret, unmet interests of your target audience. And the great news is that publishers have more ways than ever before to serve our readers — from print, multi-media, live events, education, and services… the opportunities are limitless.


Media superstar Andy Clurman will be one of the keynote speakers at the NDC this fall.

With that in mind, we are very pleased to announce that one of our keynotes at the Niche Digital Conference in Minneapolis Sept. 29-Oct. 1st is Andy Clurman, President and COO of Active Interest Media.

We are able to get him to pause for a moment to share some of his insights with us:

Niche Media HQ: Can you share with our niche publishers what strategies you have used to successfully kickstart digital subscription growth? Can you give us a couple of examples of lessons learned?

Andy Clurman: Launching in to digital magazine apps brought all of the questions and quandaries of any new product introduction.  All this was further complicated by the array of platforms and partners eager to work with us in bringing our magazines to the digital market. Complexity + Confusion ultimately = Inertia and we couldn’t seem to get anything better than a digital replica out the door.  

Finally we decided to resort to our go-to option of last resort and throw money at the problem. Rather than throw it to consultants or vendors however, we put up a sizable five-figure prize for our own staff to imagine and execute their best idea for a multi-media enhanced digital edition APP.  All five of our groups came up with amazing products using different platforms and approaches.  

We learned more collectively from this experience than we could have in months of single experimentation and underwrote a hell of a good party for the winning team. Lesson learned? Give your own team the option and motivation to innovate.

Niche Media HQ: You are going to be speaking at the NDC about how “niche print is the new vinyl.” What exactly do you mean by that? 

Andy:   Simply put, we’re finding readers showing a growing appreciation for beautifully produced print products as a counter to an increasingly digital world; not unlike the recent resurgence in the interest in vinyl records from music aficionados.

Niche Media HQ: What do you see trending in the digital realm that niche publishers should check out?

Andy:  Video, mobile, programmatic ad buying and selling….

It’s easy to see from Andy’s insights that the digital realm is constantly evolving. Niche publishers are pioneering new media strategies, often with successful results. Sharing lessons learned strengthens our niche media community!

Editor’s note: Want to learn more? Check out the Niche Digital Conference this fall in Minneapolis.


More about Andy:  Andy Clurman, President and COO of Active Interest Media, is the poster child for niche media success, leading digital strategy for 50 special interest magazines and related consumer shows, internet sites and books.


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