Niched Out Magazine of the Month: Good Grit is the Spirit of the South

Each month we highlight a standout niche magazine. This month’s pick: Good Grit. This regional magazine not only captures the spirit of the South, it has embraced staff-driven innovation in a unique way.GGM_COVER

Alex Merrill, Good Grit‘s managing editor, had this to say about about this fantastic niche magazine:

At Good Grit, we are determined to show the world the true South- the innovative, creative, strong, always evolving, and rich culture that is rooted deep within the Southern soul and is reflected in every amazing stride that the South is taking into our future.

Our pages will always be filled with gripping stories of Southern makers, creators and pioneers that will enrich the mind of all of our readers… even those that reside above the Mason-Dixon line. Our readers see the South in fresh ways through our unique story telling and distinctive photography. We continue to set ourselves apart from the masses by telling the untold and unexpected stories behind southern history, people, and culture.

One of our greatest successes so far has been our ability to empower our staff to own their individual creative processes and contribute in ways that interest and challenge them. Each person on our team has n

ever held their current position before; each person is completely new to their job, and this has been one of the best decisions we’ve made for encouraging innovation and growth among ourselves first.

We hope you enjoy our work as much as we do, and walk with us as we continue to listen, question, grow, and evolve with our readers and our surrounding culture.

Good Grit Magazine is the South – we are a reflection of you.”




Robyn_New_webAbout the author: Robyn Ireland is Niche Media’s Operations Manager and Swiss Army Knife. After a decade in with niche nonprofits she dove into the niche publishing and event world and found they weren’t that different (once you get past the nonprofit part). She has far too much fun at Niche Media HQ and keeps taking her standard poodle Susie to work even though she’s a lousy typist.


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