Putting Together an Editorial Calendar for Content Marketing

Having an editorial calendar to keep your content marketing ideas on track is crucial in all niche publications. Being unorganized can lead to you loosing track of some very good pieces of content. We have found a few tips for creating an editorial calendar for content marketing, take a look:

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Take a look at some tips for creating an editorial calendar for content marketing.

  • Have a master editorial calendar: Being able to view all content at a glance is very important, which is why having a master editorial calendar is a good idea. This will give you an overview of the content that is planned by the day and by the week. You can also track other key dates, such as holidays, on the master editorial calendar as well.
  • Create separate calendars for specifics: In addition to having a master editorial calendar, it is also a good idea to have separate editorial calendars for specific content ideas. You can divide up these calendars by publication type, such as blog, newsletter, and other types of content that you may have.
Editorial calendars are crucial for all types of content marketing. In addition they can help you get your ideas on track as well as see what works and what doesn’t.



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