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Integrating online videos into a magazine website is becoming somewhat essential. Since many people learn better with audio and visual tools versus just reading alone, online videos are a wonderful way to generate revenue. Whether you choose to have videos professionally produced or do them on your own, integrating online videos into your marketing plan is crucial for not only growing your audience but generating revenue as well. It’s okay if you are a bit unsure of where to begin with online videos, we dusted off a few hints from our archives to give you some direction, take a peek:

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Consider integrating online video into your marketing plan in order to generate revenue.

  • Pair with a video ad network: Once you create your videos, you will need a way to turn the views into dollars. One great way to do that is pair up with a video ad network, such as┬áTremor Video, YuMe, or Visible Measures, to insert targeted video advertisements into your content.
  • Make video content a bonus: In addition to inserting advertisements into your video content, you can also go the extra step to making online videos a bonus only to those who subscribe to the publication. Having this added extra is added incentive for readers to subscribe to the magazine and is a wonderful selling point.
  • Have content in a pay-per-download model: If you find that readers are hesitant to subscribe in general, you can have your online videos set up in a pay-per-download model. This model is excellent for viewers who want to watch one video or a handful of videos at a time and will be more appealing to the hesitant ones. In addition, being a nice publication means you have the advantage of viewers not being able to find your video content anywhere else, meaning they will come back to it if they really want it.
Using online videos in your marketing plan is a fantastic way to gain audience interest and generate revenue. Giving readers a different platform to connect with your content with is wonderful for boosting interest as well as attracting new readers.



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