Rich Media and Mobile Pave Peloton’s Road to Success

Peloton Magazine App Splash Screen

Peloton's app splash screen

Move Press raced across the finish line when Peloton magazine was named to min’s 2011 “Hottest Launches.”

This upscale road cycling title uses Texterity to produce a digital edition and mobile app. They distribute print in 17 countries, claim 75,000 unique website visitors a month, and enjoy 15,000 newsletter subscribers.

Peloton Digital attracts 150,000 qualified readers through partnerships with cycling organizations.

Teaming up with winners is strategic according to Peloton Publisher/Editorial Director Brad Roe and Consumer Marketing Director Cuyler Gibbons. That’s why they acquired a video company upon launch in 2010. Peloton uses video to promote upcoming features, expand editorial coverage, and sell to advertisers.

Their current inventory of 97 videos has garnered 350,000 website views and 4 million views across other channels.

According to Roe, the company is “anchored by a belief that people love magazines,” and Gibbons clarifies, “quality print is core.”  But they both agree that digital is “a gateway to conversion” and now, “advertisers are paying to brand with us.”

Texterity’s Peloton app  launched in October and by November had attracted more than 1,400 users, each participating in multiple sessions.

Any advice for niche publishers?  “Build rich media into your budget” – and enjoy the ride.


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