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In a world where we could just browse through websites and social media for the latest lube news, more and more print publications pop up about lube and oil change industry. National Oil and Lube News (NOLN), the fast oil change industry’s oldest and largest trade publication, is growing and continues to find better ways to connect and satisfy clients. Their monthly magazine for fast lube operators contains everything from technical tips; recall announcements and service guides, to articles on handling customer complaints, building brands and making fast lube businesses the best they can be.

With current market conditions adding workload across the business landscape, NOLN needed a quick, qualified, and cost-effective solution for their graphic design needs.  That’s when it decided to seek Open Look’s expertise in designing the magazine.  “I’m happy with what you did. It flows nicely with the half of the magazine we designed in-house. You did exactly what we asked you to do, making it look less like a business mag and more like a car mag.”, said Tammy Neal, Editor at TKO Multimedia.

With Open Look, telemarketing, particularly audience development services, can make any business stronger.  The campaign conducted gives publishers the answers they need, improves customer experience and makes the next sales campaign more effective.  A client of TKO Multimedia prepared a survey to gather useful and relevant information from subscribers to their magazine. The expected duration of the project was 16 days but Open Look achieved the goal to complete 100 surveys in only 11 days.  The data obtained from the project helped NOLN understand their clients’ plan of action and how they can serve them better, helping them find solutions to particular issues. “We are so pleased to hear that your team met the target before deadline…great job! “said Geri Jones, Sales Strategist of TKO Multimedia.

With Open Look as a new tool in its toolbox, NOLN identifies improvement opportunities; monitors customer satisfaction and measures market perception using the quick survey data provided.

By analyzing their audience data carefully and giving careful consideration to real interests and practices, NOLN creates products and materials that not only inform their insatiable audience, but do so in the most efficient and accurate manner.

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The May 2016 issue of Niched Out News is sponsored by Open Look Business Solutions.

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