Tips for Effective Social Media Contests

Hosting a social media contest is an excellent way for boosting online revenue as well as audience development for your niche publication. However, in order to ensure your social media contest goes smoothly, it is important to take note of certain items and elements. Check out some tips for effective social media contests:

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Check out some tips for creating an effective social media contest.

  • Keep a goal in mind: In order to ensure you accomplish what you want with a social media contest, it is important to keep an end goal in mind. While using a social media contest to raise follower or fan numbers is a nice result, this should never be the end goal. Instead, make your goals more attainable, such as┬áconducting research, or revealing a new consumer base.
  • Create a target: Once you have a solid goal down for what you want to accomplish with a social media contest, you will then have to create a target. Instead of trying to catch the attention of the most people possible, narrow down your audience and create the contest to cater specifically to them. This will help you grow more faithful and meaningful audience members as well.
  • Select the right prize: The prize that you choose for your social media contest should be shiny and attractive. Think of items like tablets, vacations, gift cards or money. These prizes work well because people generally just want a nice prize and will be willing to participate in a contest if one of these items is at stake.
Creating an effective social media contest is a great for boosting online revenue as well as reader development of your niche magazine.



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