Tips for Recycling Content

Creating all of your content from scratch can be near impossible, that’s why recycling content is such a great idea. However, recycling content can be tricky as you don’t want to create a feeling of redundancy for your audience. If you have been in search for remarkable content for your niche publication, consider recycling what you already have! Take a look at some tips for recycling content:

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Check out some tips for recycling content.

  • Don’t forget about offline content: If you are trying to create content for your web publications, consider using what you have used in the past for your offline content. Crack open your own print materials and take a look at what you have already done. How can you tweak this to make it suitable for the web? Perhaps you can take a short, informational past article and turn it into a web-friendly infographic.
  • Consider your readers: Your readers are a wonderful resource to tap into in terms of content. Take a look at some of the letters and testimonials you have received from them. These often contain great suggestions or ideas that you can turn into an edited and updated FAQ list. Listening to your readers is a great way for recycling content as they will often tell you what they liked as well as what they didn’t.
  • Tap into your online archives: Just because you created a piece of content in the past doesn’t mean you can’t recreate it. Look way back into your archives and decide what you haven’t covered in a while. If you find something you and your audience really enjoyed, figure out different ways you can use the same idea but format it differently.
Recycling content is a great idea to incorporate into your content marketing strategy. Be sure you are taking the right steps to do so in order to avoid creating redundancy.



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