Stay on Track in 2013: Wanda the Amazing Pug’s Publisher Check-Up

Wanda with

Wanda is concerned about how your magazine is doing. And when she gets the next dog treat.

Wanda wonders—how ARE you doing?  At the beginning of the year, we let Wanda the Amazing Pug and her unbridled enthusiasm be an inspiration for magazine publishers in 2013.  We were inspired to set our goals, prioritize those goals, reach out to those who matter, and learn to look at our business in new ways.

So now it is the first day of the new month of March and a GREAT time to take a moment and evaluate where we are relative to the our January 2013 objectives. Because our niche magazine world is comprised of B2C, B2B and Association Magazines, our goals and the measurements of those goals vary greatly.

But we can focus on these three areas to keep on track with goals:

FINANCIAL UPDATE:  Review the actuals with the budgeted numbers. The first 2 months analysis is important. Figure out what projects are more profitable and areas you can cut costs. You constantly need to be looking at your financials and adjust your strategy to what’s really happening. To help with the process, we’ll be running an article on cutting costs for your magazine every Thursday in March.

SALES:  Take a look at your ad sales team’s performance. Don’t wait 6 months to talk to the sales people who are not doing well.  Try to get to the core of their problem. A bad sales person tends to make the same mistake on every call (not asking probing questions, not selling as a consultant, etc.). Sit in on calls with them and figure it out. Maybe some training is in order (Wanda could sure use more of this “training.” ). For a little guidance, check out Nancy O’Brien’s perfect ad sales call slides from our last conference.

NEW PROJECTS:  The key in today’s media business is being nimble.  Zero in on new opportunities that exist in your niche. Maybe it’s a new event, webinar, ad type, or new social media strategy. Be ready for new revenue ideas or your competitors will beat you to them!

Wanda, for example, has now learned a NEW way of doing things in just 2 short months  that gets results–well, everything she does is kinda short. In January, Wanda began this daily trick of staring down her harried owner exactly 1 hour  before mealtime. Not 3:56pm or 4:02pm. It’s uncanny and unrelenting. Wanda gets points for consistency here. Plus sometimes her wimpy owner caves in for an earlier-than-5pm doggy dinner with this focused technique. (Hey, don’t judge—she’s cute.) She even has doggie pal Cosmo doing it with her now.

We know it  seems almost counter-intuitive, but stepping away from the hectic daily madness and all it demands from you can be just what you need to get ahead. Taking the time to evaluate what progress you have made this year to date is totally worth your time and money.  Share with us and all your niche buds about what challenges and successes you have had in the first two months of 2013 on Facebook or Twitter.


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