Is Your Facebook Page Configured to Capture e-Newsletter Opt-in Forms?



Want a quick, easy idea that you can implement today—for FREE—to increase subscribers to your e-Newsletter and help integrate your e-Newsletter with your social media site? Make sure you have your corporate Facebook page set up to capture subscriber opt-in forms for your e-Newsletter. Many of you are already doing this, but for those of you who aren’t take a moment to set this up on your Facebook site—it’s quick, easy, and a smart idea.

Most ESPs have directions right on their website which guide you through the process. Because the instructions are specific to each ESP, we can’t give you detailed steps here, but we’ve listed links to many of the most popular ESPs’ step-by-step instructions on how to add forms to your corporate Facebook page. Basically, what you’ll be doing is logging into your Facebook page, going to the “Edit page” icon, adding the “Static HTML: iframe tab” App, and then customizing the set-up of the form from there.

(This iframe tab App can also be used to customize your Facebook page in other sophisticated ways. Check out this example from’s Thomas Story: Also beware of old instructions that mention the Facebook App “Static FBML”—this is an old app that is being phased-out and not the one you want to use.)

Many ESP’s have their own custom app or code for setting up these forms, so begin with the links below if you use one of these ESPs, or search your ESP’s website for similar instructions and get started on integrating your e-Newsletter with your Facebook page today!




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