Is Your Niche Magazine Pinteresting Enough?

Diana Landau, Niche Content Wrangler  By Diana Landau, Niche Content Wrangler

  Sticky, viral and doesn’t go away. No, I am not talking about the latest new flu strain. Pinterest still continues to be one of the fastest-growing platforms in social media since its inception in 2009. Are you using it to your magazine’s full advantage? Have you ruled it out completely, as it is only effective for wedding, apron, knitting magazines, or other B2C’s? Guess again, publishers. Whether you are a Business-to-Customer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B), or an Association magazine, this applies to you. User rates continue to increase rapidly and they are spending an average of over 80+ minutes on some boards.  ID-10066060

That’s not only supremely sticky, it’s ROI. Why? Because if your magazine actively engages in Pinterest, you are putting out powerful visual images for your current readers, future readers, and advertisers to learn more about who and what you really are. It’s branding and it’s easy.

I stumbled upon this great free tutorial from Marketing Profs that really explains well the reasons why any business should take full advantage of Pinterest. It was published last year, but it’s still very relevant to what you need to know. (It’d be a quick read on the plane, tuck it in your carry-on.) Still not convinced that Pinterest is worth evaluating as a social media tool for your niche magazine? Check out these stats  from Forbes Magazine.

Pinterest’s user engagement does not decrease like Twitter. It’s highly viral, with 80% of pins being re-pins, according to Marketing Profs. Think about it: If your niche magazine is about software usage or scrap material or for accountants, you can pin an “Infographic of the week” or “Inspiration of the week” for your particular niche. You just need to use your imagination. How does your niche magazine effectively use Pinterest? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter.


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