Should Your Next Ad Sales Career Step Really Be Ad Sales Director?


Sales Rep or Sales Director?
Here are some points to consider.

You know what they say about Hollywood actors – they all want to direct. I guess it’s just a natural inclination, and it is no different in the ad sales world. When ad sales reps are successful, they want to move to the BIG chair. As in Ad Sales Director…finally having all the power, all the prestige…..and all the headaches. It’s an age-old progression. Sometimes it’s a great career move and sometimes it’s not. How do you figure out if that is the right path for you?

I’ve done both jobs in my publishing career.  I started as a regional ad sales rep for a B2B publisher. Then I went on to a new job as an Ad Sales Director of a high-tech magazine. But there were no other ad sales people. It was sorta funny being a director with no one to direct! (Sales meetings were short, though!)

Then I started my own magazine company and did pretty much everything at first—including all the ad sales calls. Finally I hit the big time and I became The Publisher with an Ad Sales Director with an Actual Ad Sales Staff.

What did I learn? I learned that there were a lot of things I liked and definitely didn’t like about my different roles. [Read more…]