Sponsored Content Programs + YOUR Magazine Readers = Sales Success!


Publishing sales expert Ryan Dohrn shares his insights on the future of advertiser-sponsored content programs.

Are advertisers not all that excited lately about buying ads? Are you spending a lot of time trying to convince them of the ROI? That’s unfortunate, because there is a HUGE advertising opportunity they are missing out on: advertiser-sponsored content for YOUR hyper-targeted, super-niched audience.

We recently interviewed Ryan Dohrn, Founder and CEO of 360 Ad Sales, on ways publishers can help their advertisers position themselves through compelling content in both print and digital: [Read more…]

Advertisers and Readers: How Do Publishers Keep ’em Both Happy?


How best to keep readers and advertisers happy in a shifting media landscape? Here are 5 points to consider.

Give readers the niched-out content they want and you’ll build a strong, devoted audience. Give advertisers meaningful and measurable access to your audience and you’ll see ad revenue jump.

What’s changed? Multi-platform media. Readers can consume content in a wide variety of ways, including print, online, apps, videos, podcasts, events and more.

So how the heck do you keep your advertisers happy without scaring off or irritating your readers with all these new opportunities?

Here are 5 points to consider as you strategize how best to please both worlds: [Read more…]

5 MORE Ways to Get Your Ad Sales Groove Back


Get out of the Ad Sales Rut and become more successful.

How DO you get your senior level ad sales team out of that magazine ad sales rut? How can they get their groove back?  In our last post from Ryan Dohrn of 360 Ad Sales Training, he challenged you to start doing something new, fresh, and meaningful to the client.  And he gave you 5 ways to get your ad sales groove back. Now that you’ve freshened up your offerings, it’s just as important to cultivate your sales prospect list. Take time to really examine your prospect list and whether the potential clients on that list truly need you (or if you truly need them).

Now lets look at 5 more ways you can get your groove on and get more sales prospects: [Read more…]

Ad Sales People: Pick up the Damn Phone!

Carl Landau By Carl Landau, Niche Media’s Grand Poobah

 My biggest pet peeve with today’s new ad sales people is that they rely too much on emails! Hey, I love email. It’s a great way to communicate with many people in a fast and efficient way. Media buyers prefer emails as well. they love it because they can turn you down very quickly and efficiently in an email reply.

I know that it’s totally old school, but here’s an idea: Pick up the damn phone. The phone call is so outdated and underused that it’s become the new latest thing. Just think about how few phone calls we get now compared to 10 years ago. It is almost quaint these days to get a personal phone call. It’s much more effective in overcoming objections. You can endear yourself to new prospects and also to get a feel for the “tone” of prospects. You often can’t get that in an email. People misread the tone of emails all the time. When you actually call someone, breathing and laughing are really good vital signs.  ID-10063996

Use an opening email to set up a time to call prospects. They appreciate you asking them when is a good time to chat. I always tell them that I literally will only talk to them for 5 minutes and want to find out more about their product, company, plan, etc., and I have a few ideas that I think will work for them. Here’s the secret: I stick to the time limit and talk all about them on the first call.

I actually have one or two ideas for them other than advertising in our magazine or website. Advertisers appreciate my approach and are usually open to me talking to them for a longer time—provided that I’m sincerely interested in THEM and have some unique idea. Then I always follow up with an email. Every call.

See…”the phone call” is the new 40 and the new black rolled into one!!!

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