Media Ad Sales: Are You Ready With Your A-Game?


Here’s expert Ryan Dohrn’s 7 smart tips for better ad sales role-playing!

Being the best salesperson you can be requires practice. I’m talking about the importance of ad sales role-play. There are always new ways to learn to ask the right probing questions! It is also a great way to find some new approach to overcoming to advertiser objections. The point is role-play is an opportunity to hone your sales game.

Ready to play? Here are my 7 smart tips to get the most out of your role-playing practice:

1. Create real-world scenarios. Borrow from ad sales meeting discussions and use those to role-play and solve issues at the same time. [Read more…]

Ad Sales: Selling Print Ads in A Digital World


Here’s 6 tips on selling the power of print!

Yes, online advertising is gaining traction every year, but that doesn’t mean print can’t still be a strong media channel for your advertising customers. In some ways, the steady march of online media into our lives means that the print experience can resonate better with a target audience. A recent study revealed subjects showed greater emotional response and memory for physical media ads: Print vs. Digital: Another Emotional Win for Paper

So how do ad salespeople sell print in an increasingly digital world? To start, the information you share with your prospects must be compelling, relevant and current–not just bullet points with your rate sheet.

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Ad Sales: Are You Losing a Client to the Competition?


Ad sales superstar Nancy O’Brien tells us how to keep a client on track…and not sign with the other guys!

You’re smoothly sailing along, knowing how to take care of your client and making your sales goals. Then all of a sudden, it seems like they somehow perceive your competition as a better fit! Yikes! Unsure how to proceed? Thinking that maybe you’ve lost the client and should move on?

Think again! We chatted up ad sales superstar Nancy O’Brien to find out how to re-direct this client’s misguided perceptions and get your advertiser back on track…with YOU.

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Publishing Management 101: How to Build a Winning Online Sales A-team


We asked the experts about how to build an online sales A-team.

Publishers and sales coaches: Need help with your online sales playbook? Are there some great guidelines out there for building your A-Team?

You bet. We went to the experts from Mequoda Group, Don Nicholas and Ed Coburn, to find out some tips on recruitment, keeping your team motivated and retaining them for the long term.

Here’s what they told us:

Niche Media HQ: Are there certain qualities that successful online revenue teams possess? What should publishers look for in new talent?

Nicholas & Coburn:

“A successful online revenue team will have a range of personality types. The people responsible for creating new products will likely have a very different profile from the people who track and report your analytics. And, they’ll be very different from your online editor who handles your posts, your email, and social media content. There aren’t good or bad personality types, although some types tent to correspond better to success in certain positions. Hiring strong people is important, and understanding the successful people in different roles may have very different operating and communication styles is important. Assuming everyone works and communicates the same way you do is almost a guarantee for not getting the most out of your staff. “ [Read more…]

How to Motivate Yourself for Amazing Ad Sales….When Your Boss Won’t!

Lucky for us salespeople, most of us have a great boss who knows what we need to keep us motivated to sell and bring in the dough. But what about the times when we are working with a sales manager who just does not get it?


Does your boss seem to be oblivious to your your ad sales success? Here’s how to keep motivated.

You prospected, proposed and made all the proper follow up. Finally the advertiser bought. The contract is signed.  Time for high fives and celebration! Woo-hoo!

The contract goes to the sales manager and you just know you will get all sorts of thanks and kudos. Time goes by and nothing. Nada. Not even an acknowledgement. Woo-hoo-not-so-much.

But seriously, come on—what did you expect?  You are one of the top salespeople in the company so all the bosses know you regularly bring in the contracts. So closing a deal is really nothing to get super-excited about.

But where does that leave YOU?  How do you pick yourself up and go after the next sale?  You have to have a strong sense of self-motivation and give yourself celebration. You could call your spouse, good friend or peers who are happy for you and will celebrate your successes with you. Having someone to celebrate with is essential for the short term. But you also need to have a strategy that will keep you motivated for the long haul. [Read more…]

Should Your Next Ad Sales Career Step Really Be Ad Sales Director?


Sales Rep or Sales Director?
Here are some points to consider.

You know what they say about Hollywood actors – they all want to direct. I guess it’s just a natural inclination, and it is no different in the ad sales world. When ad sales reps are successful, they want to move to the BIG chair. As in Ad Sales Director…finally having all the power, all the prestige…..and all the headaches. It’s an age-old progression. Sometimes it’s a great career move and sometimes it’s not. How do you figure out if that is the right path for you?

I’ve done both jobs in my publishing career.  I started as a regional ad sales rep for a B2B publisher. Then I went on to a new job as an Ad Sales Director of a high-tech magazine. But there were no other ad sales people. It was sorta funny being a director with no one to direct! (Sales meetings were short, though!)

Then I started my own magazine company and did pretty much everything at first—including all the ad sales calls. Finally I hit the big time and I became The Publisher with an Ad Sales Director with an Actual Ad Sales Staff.

What did I learn? I learned that there were a lot of things I liked and definitely didn’t like about my different roles. [Read more…]

6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a New Ad Salesperson


Sales leaders: Ask yourself these 6 questions first before you hire a new ad salesperson.

Before you focus on the right questions to ask when interviewing for a a new ad salesperson, it is just as important for sales leaders to know the right questions to ask themselves.

Often clients ask me to pass along the names of top-producing media ad sales reps, as they are always looking for good prospects to hire now and in the future.We need 7-10 years of ad sales experience, great communication and computer skills, the ability to work with little or no supervision and be highly motivated.”  Sound familiar?

There’s A LOT more to it than that.

Here are 3 questions for you to think about before hiring a new Ad Salesperson:

What do your desired qualifications really mean, exactly?
Should it be assumed that a veteran rep will out-perform a brand new rep?
What does a BAD hire actually cost you? (Note: Some experts say a bad sales hire can cost a media company over $100,000!) [Read more…]