Power of Niche: Digital Marketing Hot Topics


New formats, new strategies, new audience segments in digital niche media marketing.

Here’s the top news this week in digital media marketing:

Smaller, intense bites can leave them wanting more
Media companies, like the Huffington Post, are finding success with long-form content on a separate website with weekly installments. Can it work for niche magazine content? Why not? From the Columbia Journalism Review: Huffington Post Highline cuts through the noise

What not to do with your digital marketing strategy
You are a small niche media company, you know you need to do it better but not sure how to implement it, measure it and then increase online conversions. From the Economic Times: 7 Reasons for Digital Marketing Failure in Start-ups

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The Power of Niche: Digital Revenue First, How to Handle Any Crisis and Niche to the Max!


Here’s the latest news about the power of being niche.

Our Power of Niche news summary is so popular with our readers that Trump called and he’s launching The Power of Orange. Not really.

Here’s the latest and greatest in the actual news, for niche media:

Is there a niche magazine in the works?
From the Nashville Business Journal: Nashville’s “Camping with Dogs” finds early success in furry niche through digital first—what’s next?

Ad sales self-help
12 straight-forward steps from Ad Age’s David Berkowitz: “We can no longer afford to be blind to the tools used to get around us.” How to Solve Every Crisis in the Ad Industry: A 12-step Guide to Fixing Every Problem Plaguing Digital Advertising

Publisher goes niche to the max! 
Online publisher gets more nichey and finds more revenue streams. From Digiday: Anatomy of a niche publisher 

DIFR–Do it for Revenue
2015-16 trends in digital media, such as DIFM (“Do it for me”–as in people-powered services) for small-to-medium businesses. From Business2Community.com: How “Do It For Me” Digital Media Will Unlock the Potential of SMB Advertising

Be the change–Be niche!
From Stratechery: Digital publishing has had a profound impact on the publishing industry as a whole and Ben Thompson summarizes it best. Turns out being niche is an excellent business model in Popping the Publishing Bubble


Diana Landau, Niche Content Wrangler

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Apple Ad-blocking: What’s it Mean for Niche Publishing?


Will Apple’s new software take a bite of the niche publishing audience? Expert Ryan Dohrn weighs in.

Publishers are buzzing about the latest ad-blocking software from Apple and what it all means. Will it affect niche digital publishers and how? In past posts we’ve shared different voices on the matter: Apple to Introduce Ad-Blocking and Apple Effects.

But between gloomy predictions of the end of the internet (maybe the entire world, while giants Apple vs Amazon vs Facebook vs Google vs Godzilla combat) and hyper-chirpy press about all the reader benefits, what’s the real deal?

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Ad Sales: You’re Not Curing Cancer!


Yep, Carl said it. Ad salespeople need to relax, find some perspective and get their funny on.

What the heck do I mean? In ad sales, you have LOTS of continual pressure from the competition, your clients and your advertising director and Publisher (Big P). Your days are filled with looming deadlines, renewal mandates and irksome budget challenges.

So what. That’s right, I’m telling you to lighten up! Unlike a surgeon, who is dealing with life and death, it’s important to remember you are selling advertising. Not having a job that cures cancer liberates you to have some fun. So try to remember that when you’re selling. Relax. It’s all about perspective.

Here are some of my tips on selling advertising successfully and having fun while doing it:

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Apple to Introduce Ad-blocking: What’s It Mean for Niche Ad Sales?


Don’t let ad-blocking software put you in an digital ad-sales panic!

The digital media world is abuzz about Apple’s introduction of ad-blocking capability on their mobile devices. You may get some questions about it from your advertising clients.

Here’s some of the mixed reactions out there:

From WSJ:  (negative)
Apple’s Ad-Blocking Is Potential Nightmare for Publishers

From NPR: (informative)
With Ad Blocking on the Rise, What Happens to Online Publishers?

From AdAge: (Oh no!)
Confusion Reigns 

So BEFORE we jump to doom and gloom, we thought we’d consult Ryan Dohrn, an ad sales expert who has worked extensively with niche publishers. We asked him what the Apple ad-blocking hoopla really means for digital media ad sales:

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Ad Sales: Need Some Monday Motivation?


Yeaahh, do your Mondays ever feel like this? Check out these sales blogs to get your mojo back.

It’s Monday–the most dreaded day of the week. (Unless you are a Kardashian, who probably has a staff of 20 just to get the day rolling.) The coffee’s cold, the weather isn’t great, you had a loooong weekend and instead of coming to work rested, you are TIRED. Need a quick motivational video or read to get you going?

We’ve got that! The sales trainers below have tons of expert tips to help salespeople conquer even the worst Mondays:

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