Sales Rep vs. Ad Sales Prospects!


Does conquering your prospecting to-do list feel like this sometimes?

I’m sure most of you have seen the TV show Man vs. Foodwhere a guy takes on some ridiculously gargantuan food item at a restaurant and a crowd cheers him on as he attempts to consume the entire thing……in one sitting. Ugh.

An advertising sales person is in sort of the same situation (minus the indigestion). There is just YOU—one sales rep—taking on a huge prospect database of probably 300 prospects or more. The assignment is quite daunting. For many sales reps, the sheer size of the prospect list is so overwhelming it becomes paralyzing.

So what can you do? Segment and prioritize. Organization is the key here, folks!

Here’s my 3-step program to help you tackle the prospect challenge: [Read more…]

What’s Your Best (Ad Sales) Pick Up Line?


What’s your best ad sales pick up line? Here’s some lines that just may work with a new prospect.

I recently saw American Hustle and some of that crazy time came back to me.  It reminded me of the cheesy pick up lines in the 1970’s, which didn’t really work most of the time. I mean, I don’t personally remember ever using them, but admittedly the days of platform shoes, jumpsuits, and Saturday Night Fever are a little hazy for me.

I do remember people laughing a lot and rolling their eyes at pick up lines in the 70’s. What your sign? Do you come here often? And my all-time favorite—Hello, Cupid called. He says to tell you to give me my heart back.

When you are cold calling a new ad sales prospect, unfortunately it’s kinda like a pick up situation. Everyone feels a bit uncomfortable and no one knows what to say.

The important thing is to say something and make it interesting. Be sincere. Definitely don’t be smarmy. And show that you’ve done some homework. Remember, authentic compliments will get you everywhere.

Here’s 6 Fab Ad Sales Pick up lines:
(Yes, it’s a stretch, but think outside the box for a minute. Don’t be such a spaz and see if you can dig it, man!) [Read more…]