6 Ways to Bring a Dead Advertiser Back to Life!


Is it RIP for this advertiser? Ryan gives us 6 ways to bring your ad clients back to life!

How was your Halloween? All the ghosts and zombies made me think about how all too often, a qualified advertiser will just go dead, dead, dead.

They said they liked your idea and you agreed to send them a proposal. Now they are not responding at all no matter how hard you try. The deal and the business relationship seem to be stone-cold-six-feet-under-lifeless-dead.

So how do you bring them back to life? Here are 6 ways to fix this common ad sales problem: [Read more…]

How to Look for Magazine Sales Leads In All the Right Places


Does your new lead landscape feel like this sometimes? Here’s some easy ways to find quality leads fast!

All dried up. No new signs of growth. In California, we call it a drought. For sales reps it can be that parched time of the sales cycle when your publisher reminds you daily how thirsty they are for new leads AND quality leads. And you have tried everything.

It happens to every sales rep once in a while, but do not fear. We have culled some great ideas from the niche magazine brain trust on how to find what you are looking for—and fast! [Read more…]

3 Quick Ways to Connect with Ad Sales Clients


Quirky facts reveal more than the obvious about George. Here are 3 ways to learn more about your clients.

Sweet potatoes with coconut. He named his dogs Tarter, True Love and Sweet Lips. And he didn’t like Thomas Jefferson–not at all.

These are quirky but not well-known facts about our first President, George Washington, which made us think—do you know just “the basics” about your advertising clients?

What if you took it a step farther?

Here are 3 quick ways to get to know your ad clients a little better: [Read more…]

The 7 Signs of a Good Ad Sales Prospect


Ryan Dohrn shares the 7 signs of a good prospect. Now go do your homework.

Ad Sales expert and trainer Ryan Dohrn has been a frequent guest-blogger for us about the wonderful, wild world of ad sales. He is coming out with a new book soon and he gave us a sneak peek recently.

In one of the first chapters, Ryan goes into detail about how important the prospecting phase of selling is to the whole sales process. Often sales reps will start selling to the customer right off the bat, instead of going through each critical step. Ryan gives ad sales reps a road map on how to expertly navigate the prospecting phase. [Read more…]

Ask the Magazine Ad Sales Guru #1: Great Prospects!


Have a question? Ask these Ad Sales Pros for their insights.

We asked three Ad Sales Gurus to chat with us about ad sales. What golden nuggets of ad sales wisdom can they share with our readers?

Lucky for us, this content wrangler roped ‘em in.  Here’s the first question:

Niche Media HQ: What is your favorite type of ad sales prospect to deal with and why?

Ryan:I like an ad prospect that has many products and services to market.  Companies that are all about branding seem, at first glance, to be easier clients.  But I find that not to be true all the time. Companies with various products and services tend to change their ads often and you can really see some nice ROI over the long haul advertising campaign.” [Read more…]

How to Work a Trade Show to Get More Ad Sales Prospects

The one thing that successfully working a trade show is NOT: Setting up a booth and sitting there, waiting for prospects to come by and talk with you. Find someone else for that job. To get the most out of your time as a sales person at a trade show, you need to be accessible, pro-active, and have a plan to renew contacts with clients and meet new prospects. Here’s how you do it:


Turn working a trade show into big success with these three tips.

3 tips for getting the most out of working a trade show

1.  Pre-show planning:  Get a list of exhibits—most shows have this posted on their web sites far in advance.  Put them into a spreadsheet and sort by booth numbers.  Fill in a column for known contacts and leave a blank column for notes. Highlight accounts you really want to see (include new prospects). [Read more…]

5 MORE Ways to Get Your Ad Sales Groove Back


Get out of the Ad Sales Rut and become more successful.

How DO you get your senior level ad sales team out of that magazine ad sales rut? How can they get their groove back?  In our last post from Ryan Dohrn of 360 Ad Sales Training, he challenged you to start doing something new, fresh, and meaningful to the client.  And he gave you 5 ways to get your ad sales groove back. Now that you’ve freshened up your offerings, it’s just as important to cultivate your sales prospect list. Take time to really examine your prospect list and whether the potential clients on that list truly need you (or if you truly need them).

Now lets look at 5 more ways you can get your groove on and get more sales prospects: [Read more…]