5 Top Ways to Drive Sales Numbers from Sales Expert Ryan Dohrn!


Check out expert Ryan’s DRIVE plan for sales success!

To win the Daytona 500 is one stop on the quest for auto racing greatness.  To win takes more than just going fast.  It requires a carefully crafted plan to drive in the victory lane.  Yet I see more and more salespeople who remind me of the losing drivers—just fast and furious, going round and round in circles or hitting a wall. They don’t realize that their lack of a plan is costing them the race. Or more precisely, ad sales deal after ad sales deal.

Let’s use the acronym D.R.I.V.E. to focus in on a potential plan for sales success: [Read more…]

Don’t Ignore Your Best Ad Sales Prospects!


Here’s a bright idea: Don’t take your good, existing advertisers for granted!

Important Question: Who are your very best prospects for all your integrated ad sales and sponsorship opportunities?

Hint: You already know them.

It’s your existing advertisers! I know it’s crazy, but often the most ignored prospects are your good, A+ advertisers. We’re always so excited to get someone new in the line up that we overlook the long-time advertisers. These prospects happen to be your best bet.

Why? It’s 5 times easier to sell something to an existing client than it is a new prospect. Successful niche publishers today are offering a wide variety of different products and services. There’s no reason not to upgrade your existing, loyal advertisers to these new offerings.

How can you re-focus on your existing clients, and what are the roadblocks in getting there? [Read more…]

Hot Topics in Ad Sales to Perk Up Your Week


Monday draggin’ you down? Here’s a little cup of inspiration to get you going.

Happy Monday! Ready to hit it hard? Or are you still going through your emails from last week, looking at the time and wondering what the heck you’re going to say in the weekly sales meeting?

Periodically we like to share collections of our most-read ad sales posts by niche publishing professionals– just like you.

Think of this as a quick-stop refresher if you will:

First, if you encounter some grumpy prospects who seem skeptical about advertising in your magazine, check out:  More Good News For Niche Magazines [Read more…]

Four Universal Ad Sales Truths You Need to Know!

Ad sales reps give nearly every excuse imaginable when it comes to sales goal failure.  Excuses range from a bad economy...to changing deadlines…to the diminishing importance of print…to working for a real jerk.


Do you ever wonder why you are not making the sales goals you want? Here are Ryan’s 4 Ad Sales Truths.

The truth is your advertising sales success is only as good as your ability to adapt and overcome the situations before you.  This applies to the ad sales game and in life.  It’s not about having the number one media in the market.  It’s not about making 85 outbound calls per day.

Ad sales success is about having consistent, disciplined actions and the ability to understand basic human behavior.  And in the ad sales game, it means gaining insight into what motivates your advertisers.

Daily practice and customer motivations are at the very heart of my ad sales training program.  I’m going to share with you my own personal example. Early in my sales career, I struggled. [Read more…]

My Rate Card Can Beat Up Your Rate Card!


Jeff Bruss knows how to stick to his rate card!

As 10-year-old boys growing up in northern Wisconsin, my neighbor and I would often discuss whose dad could most likely beat up the other’s, usually after arguing over a game-winning shot on our driveway basketball hoop.

This has nothing to do with advertising, but it has a lot to do with how you structure your rates. The degree to which we choose to stick to our rate card is an age-old debate among publishers. The great majority of us have some flexibility in our rates, allowing salespeople to determine how bad we want that last quarter-page advertisement through discounts steeper than the smiley face offers at WalMart.

We don’t negotiate our rates at COLE Publishing. That’s not to say we don’t offer discounts, — we do offer them for frequency and early payment — but we don’t stray from our rate card at any time, for anyone. Most of you may be snickering right now, scoffing at the money we’ve foregone by not knowing when to swallow our pride and let some agency beat us up for one last insertion. But here’s what I’ve learned over the past decade of standing behind this no-negotiation philosophy: [Read more…]