The Holiday Season is the Perfect Time to Get Ready for 2016 Ad Sales!


Here’s Carl’s 5 ways to get prepared for 2016 sales success!

Tacky ornamental sweaters, fruitcakes and your mother-in-law are coming soon. Yes, we are right smack in the middle of the holiday season–which in the business world means that unless you are a retailer, things start to slow down. It becomes harder and harder for ad sales people to get in touch with their advertisers and prospects. Clients are more focused on their upcoming holiday parties and gifts they still need to buy vs their advertising plans for next year.

So what does the smart ad salesperson do? You change your focus. Rather than concentrating on making your calls, why not focus in on YOUR plan for 2016? [Read more…]

Ad Sales: You’re Not Curing Cancer!


Yep, Carl said it. Ad salespeople need to relax, find some perspective and get their funny on.

What the heck do I mean? In ad sales, you have LOTS of continual pressure from the competition, your clients and your advertising director and Publisher (Big P). Your days are filled with looming deadlines, renewal mandates and irksome budget challenges.

So what. That’s right, I’m telling you to lighten up! Unlike a surgeon, who is dealing with life and death, it’s important to remember you are selling advertising. Not having a job that cures cancer liberates you to have some fun. So try to remember that when you’re selling. Relax. It’s all about perspective.

Here are some of my tips on selling advertising successfully and having fun while doing it:

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Integrated Proposals to the Max: An Interview with PennWell’s Paul Andrews


Media guru Paul Andrews shines the light on how best to maximize your clients’ digital media dollars.

The integrated proposal conundrum: From basic banners to strategic social media boosts, which ad units should be offered, when should they be offered, and what metrics should be used?  We interviewed publishing guru Paul Andrews on how to prepare a campaign proposal that will give clients the most bang for their buck. It’s all about the right-timing.

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