Ditch the Sales Pitch and Learn the Art of Quality Conversation


Ditch the sales pitch! Learn the art of quality conversation and get better results.

To stay abreast of the latest in ad sales training, I often listen in on other sales coaches to learn and observe. It seems to me that there sometimes seems to be a lack of common sense in what is being taught today.

For example, the entire idea that you need the perfect pitch or you need to perfect your pitch is so misguided that I am amazed that people still try and teach this approach to selling.

Pitching the product?  Huh? 

Ask yourself this… do you like it when a sales person pitches to YOU?  If your answer is yes… seek help.  If your answer is no (!), then you are pretty darn normal.

Advertisers are just normal people who are often confused by the blizzard of advertising options being presented.  And often these options are presented by poorly trained ad sales people wanting to talk about the product features, advantages, benefits of their media offerings, then get to the soft close, then get to the hard close, blah, blah, blah. Don’t do this! [Read more…]