Year-End Tips for Ad Sales Pros!


Don’t stop thinkin’ about tomorrow. Here’s Ryan’s 5 key points to consider this time of year.

For most media ad sales professionals, the fiscal year does not follow the calendar year. By late fall you are pretty much done with 2016. When you add the holiday season and new year celebrations to the mix, you have a double whammy that often brings ad sales to a slow crawl across the December finish line.

Here are 5 key points media ad sales pros should consider this time of year: [Read more…]

6 Keys for Achieving Your Ad Sales Goals in 2016


Ryan’s 6 keys to success will help you reach your 2016 sales goals.

Each New Year we set resolutions or goals for the upcoming year. About 90% of people set goals on January 1st. In reality, fewer than 10% achieve those goals. What can you do as an ad salesperson to get it right?

I have identified 6 keys to achieving your sales goals for the New Year: [Read more…]

Tame the Email Beast to Sell More Ads!


Does your Monday email inbox seem like this? Here’s some ways to tame the beast.

An ad sales pro’s best friend and most evil foe is……   

Let me explain. We looovve emails because we can very quickly communicate with lots of prospects and clients without ever picking up the phone, right?

The downside with emails (and your massive inbox) is that they are a HUGE distraction from selling. What do I mean? Often the first thing an ad sales person does in the morning is sit down and respond to the latest email. It’s a slippery slope from there. Then, trance-like, they follow the string of recent request and discussion emails. Before long, they’ve spent an hour or more emailing back and forth and not accomplishing much of anything. It’s suddenly almost lunch time. Step…away…from…the…screen! [Read more…]

5 Easy Tips for Improved Lead Management!

It can be utter chaos if your whole sales team is pouncing on the same new leads that come into the office. The last thing you want is salespeople sulking in the corner about unfairness.

I get this question often from frustrated sales managers: “How do I best distribute new sales leads that come in from our website?”


Ryan gives us 5 quick tips on adding structure in new lead distribution. 

I have 5 quick tips that will help you simplify the distribution process for maximum ad sales success: [Read more…]

Integrated Proposals to the Max: An Interview with PennWell’s Paul Andrews


Media guru Paul Andrews shines the light on how best to maximize your clients’ digital media dollars.

The integrated proposal conundrum: From basic banners to strategic social media boosts, which ad units should be offered, when should they be offered, and what metrics should be used?  We interviewed publishing guru Paul Andrews on how to prepare a campaign proposal that will give clients the most bang for their buck. It’s all about the right-timing.

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Ad Sales: Find Your Superstar Sales Voice!


Yeah, you can rock it! Cultivate a superstar sales voice with these easy tips.

You meet with prospects and clients all week long. Are you making a memorable impression? Do you exude the confidence of a superstar? On The Voice, the contestants only have seconds to wow the judges and get them to swivel their fancy chairs around to commit. Don’t you want to improve your sales voice and prompt your clients to a stellar “YES!”– like a superstar?

Here’s 7 quickie tips to finding your winning sales voice: 

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Niche in the News: Think Big!


Big interest, big debate, big opportunities in the wonderful, wide world of Niche!

Where is this year going?? What are people in the industry talking about?? When will I have time to scan the news?

We’re here to help. Here are 3 hot niche topics in the news for June:

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Your Client Prospecting List: Time for Another Spring-Cleaning!


It takes work but spring-cleaning your client list is totally worth it!

Okay, we know it’s still snowing blankets for some of you across the nation. But this time of year is a GREAT time for a quarterly spring cleaning—especially when it comes to your customer list. The “List” is your key asset in ad ales prospecting, so you need to keep it updated and fresh, right? Use these four guidelines to get a squeaky clean list:

DELETE: Here’s a BIG and very important List project—go through all email addresses of people who have not opened any effort in 6 months. Drop that person from the list and try to find a replacement person in that company who may be more interested. [Read more…]

Avoid “TMI” In Media Ad Sales!!


Don’t pile on the percentages–avoid TMI!

You are a media ad sales rep on your game. You know your stats, your pricing, your integrated packages, your creative revenue strategies. You are positively full to the brim with great ideas for your advertising clients.

But wait! You’ve got all the data, but are you guilty of “Sales TMI”?

You know, by sending way too much information to your client before they are even ready to hear it. At best, you will bore them, confuse them and/or irritate them.

How does information overload slow your sales success? Here are some common mistakes and how to avoid them: [Read more…]

The New Media Sales Rockstar

Not long ago a large bottle of schmooze and a phone meant media sales success. Times have changed! To achieve rockstar media sales status you’ve got reinvent yourself. We asked Sales expert Chris Ware to share some of the tools, tricks and technology you need to succeed.

Christopher Ware NEW

Niche Media Conference Speaker Chris Ware shares how strategic online research can help increase your sales.

NMHQ: What are some of the best online research tools niche publishers should be using today?  

Chris Ware: Companies put so much information about themselves today it makes prospecting easy. Your prospect’s web site is likely your best first stop. The “About Us” or “Newsroom” pages are a gold mine.

You want to look for names of key executives and names of clients and partners. That way you know who to reach out to and when you get a hold of them, you can talk about how your audience overlaps with their list of clients.

NMHQ: Walk us though the best ways to prospect using LinkedIn. [Read more…]