5 Ways to Get Fired Up for Fall Ad Sales Season!

The weather is starting to get a bit cooler, the stores are already flooded with Halloween candy, and now you’re sitting at your desk, gazing at the fall foilage instead of staring your computer……


The fall season signals a new budget year and selling focus. Here’s how to get started.

Are YOU ready to tackle a new budget year of sales challenges?

If you want to have superstar sales next year, think about making some changes now. It’s time to organize your ad sales world.

Here are 5 Easy Ways to Get Started:

1. Office: Clean off your desk! Toss out old media kits, rate cards, and selling tools that are now outdated.  (Keep one copy in a file for future reference.)  Update your materials and bulletin boards with new data and fun infographics that motivate you.  Bring in an item that’s new – that means something special to you, and put it somewhere you can see it daily for added inspiration. [Read more…]

Manage Your Time – Low-Stress with High-Productivity for Ad Sales Reps Isn’t a Fairy Tale!

What’s a day in your life like as a Niche Magazine Ad Sales Rep? What can you learn from another rep’s life?


An Ad Sales Rep’s job is not always easy. Here’s some tips from Joseph Bass on how he structures his typical day.

We recently came across a great post by Joseph Bass, a niche magazine ad sales rep for Keep Sharing, which produces several publications in Mobile, Alabama, including Montgomery Parents and River Region’s Journey.

As he says on his blog, “I believe that there is a very close connection between technology and people, and I try to understand that connection better every day.” [Read more…]

Ad Sales Pros–PLEASE Pick up the Damn Phone!


This antique-looking thing does the same thing a smart phone can do–it enables ad sales pros to actually call their prospects.

I was just in the middle of 3 potential sponsorship sales last week. The same thing occurred with all of them. A loooong string of emails developed, back and forth and back and forth, with each potential client.

Ever start one of those never-ending chains and wonder how the heck you ended up where you are now, without a sale yet and with lots of extra confusion?

So I did something totally CRAZY in the 2013 ad sales world. I picked up the phone and called them.

Even crazier was the fact that 2 out of the 3 prospects answered—and were happy I called!

So what happened next? I sold both of them a program and saved a ton of time.

I believe the #1 problem ad sales people have today is they rely too much on email. I get the email prospecting thing. I do it myself. It’s easy for you and it’s easy for the prospect.
BUT— [Read more…]