Scared Straight: 7 Spooky Sales Fears and How to Overcome Them!


Don’t let fear spook your sales confidence!

Yeah it’s that holiday where people big and small dress up in costumes and try to scare each other. Possibly score some candy too. (I like Reese’s myself.)

And even though it’s not my favorite holiday, (Gasp!) it got me thinking–as salespeople, what do we fear most? Here are 7 “sales” fears and how to overcome them: [Read more…]

Ad Sales: Using Tech to Boost New Business


Check out Ryan’s 6 tech tips for ad sales reps to boost their new business.

Sales coach, author and speaker Ryan Dorhn recently taught an ad sales workshop at the Niche Digital Conference in Denver. Here are some of his sales tips for ad sales reps on how to use tech to boost new business:

Sales Tip #1: Love your CRM!

Go back and assess your A, B and C clients and see where you need to re-prioritize. Dig deeper into your notes and see if there are any missed opportunities in niche-ing your niche. (Not using your CRM is like refusing a free gift!) [Read more…]