4 Easy Tips for Getting Great Ad Sales Testimonials


Here’s 4 easy tips from Carl Landau on how to get customer testimonials.

When talking to ad sales prospects who don’t know your niche magazine, do they trust their fellow vendors’ opinions about your product more than yours?

Probably. This is how the world works. If a prospect has never advertised in your print or online media or has not attended one your events, they will reach out to their vendor community for opinions about your brand and your products. This is why Yelp works — people tend to trust strangers’ opinions more than the word of an unknown restaurant or hotel. Right?

If you want to grow your advertising or sponsor community, you need to push for testimonials, but not any old comment. You need stellar testimonials that can ultimately lead to referrals!

Here’s 4 Tips on how to get great testimonials: 

1. Ask. I know if sounds silly, but your current happy vendor base can give you an endorsement if you just ask. In your next conversation with a happy customer, ask them if there are any other advertisers they know that would be a good fit for your audience. When you contact the new prospect, you want to mention front and center that you were referred to by a mutual friend/advertiser. [Read more…]