Find Ad Buyers in All the Wrong Places!


Check out Carl’s unconventional, winning path to decision makers in the ad sales game.

True niche confession: I only lasted one year in the corporate world. After 12 long months of working for a big magazine publisher, my boss very diplomatically said, “I don’t think a structured corporate environment is really the right place for you.”  

I was confused and asked if he was firing me. He said well, not really, but it would be a good idea if I started looking for another job!

So I ended up starting my own publishing company at 26 years old. What were perceived as my weaknesses in the corporate world, such as not following proper procedures, or coming up with my own solutions to roadblocks (and other corporate infractions) have served me quite well as an entrepreneur and in my ad sales career.

Here’s an example of a common ad sales hurdle and how to overcome it, Poobah-style:

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Ad Sales: Get Organized to Sell!

Does that Rolodex card really say “Friendster” with the password? Really, Carl?

Yes, believe it or not, that photo to the right is the Grand Poobah with his genuine, authentic Rolodex! You know, the ancient way of keeping contact info–jammed full of dog-eared, coffee-splattered cards of contacts that are mostly irrelevant (except for that one random IT guy if you can ever reach him.) You really don’t need it taking up space on your desk anymore, so perhaps it’s time to stop holding on to it as if it’s a precious resource in your selling life.

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