The 7 Commandments of Monetizing Your Subscriber Base


Follow Prime Publishing’s lead and start reaping revenue rewards from your subscriber base. It’s easier than you think!

Despite innovation in other forms of online advertising, email remains the most powerful tool for generating ad revenue. With the near-global adoption of personal mobile devices, combined with the fact that users are checking their phones as much as 150 times a day, email remains the heavyweight champion of digital advertising. However, email is very often the most poorly executed means of monetizing one’s audience. There are pitfalls to simply increasing the ad-to-content ratio: subscriber fatigue, deliverability issues and user attrition. But there are big rewards for those that get it right.

For example, Prime Publishing, a women’s lifestyle publisher that reaches more than 7.2 million subscribers, wanted to increase newsletter ad revenue, but had serious concerns regarding subscriber attrition. All of these subscribers receive daily newsletters about cooking and crafting tied into 28 different websites that attract over 20 million page views per week. They were also worried that increased ad volume might impact the deliverability of their newsletters and the reader relationship.

The challenge for Prime Publishing was to achieve their revenue goals without sacrificing the extreme care they had historically shown their user base. By following the guidelines laid out below, Prime Publishing found that they were able to enjoy a sizeable — and entirely new — stream of revenue, without impacting their users in any negative way at all. [Read more…]