Keeping Clients: The Art of Advertiser Retention


So you lost an advertiser and don’t know why. Here’s 10 smart tips from Ryan Dohrn to help you get back on track!

We have all been there before…. an advertiser cancels for no apparent reason. You call them back and get no return call. You email them and no return email. You speculate. You wonder. You lost.

So, what now?

Here’s a better question: How much time do you dedicate to your advertiser retention plan? We know it is easier to retain a advertiser than find a new one. But you also have to work just as hard to keep your advertisers as you had to earn their business in the first place. [Read more…]

Don’t Forget the “Second Sale”… Advertiser Retention!


Watch your ad sales rise with your retention rate!

Are your existing advertisers lining up to renew? Does your organization have a solid advertiser retention plan in place? If not, you aren’t alone–most salespeople will say that they’d like to really improve their advertiser retention rate.

It is more expensive to sell to a new client than to retain a current one. So why don’t more niche publishers focus on their existing customers? Advertiser retention should be a high-priority!

The reasons vary, but they are usually kinda lame:  “Not enough staff… time….but we send cards at the holidays…..not enough money…”

It can be done. It requires consistency and creativity, no matter what the budget or time constraint. [Read more…]