6 Ways To Show Your Advertisers Some Love!

If you don’t take care of your advertisers your competitors will! It takes about fives times the money and energy to win a new client. What have you done recently to show your advertisers you care? 

So what can you do to show your advertisers some love and keep them in a long-term relationship?

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Don’t Start an Email War with Your Advertisers!!


Don’t overreact to pushy demands by engaging in an email war!

Email is a part of daily business communication—but it doesn’t have to be a tool for destruction. What do I mean?

I’m talking about advertisers who send you a long list of demands about all the rates they want and the terms they want.

People find it so much easier to email aggressively than to actually talk with someone.

Your gut reaction is to write them back with a hotly worded email, right? “We don’t do that! I can’t believe you asked for that!!” Sound familiar? [Read more…]

5 MORE Ways to Get Your Ad Sales Groove Back


Get out of the Ad Sales Rut and become more successful.

How DO you get your senior level ad sales team out of that magazine ad sales rut? How can they get their groove back?  In our last post from Ryan Dohrn of 360 Ad Sales Training, he challenged you to start doing something new, fresh, and meaningful to the client.  And he gave you 5 ways to get your ad sales groove back. Now that you’ve freshened up your offerings, it’s just as important to cultivate your sales prospect list. Take time to really examine your prospect list and whether the potential clients on that list truly need you (or if you truly need them).

Now lets look at 5 more ways you can get your groove on and get more sales prospects: [Read more…]