Who is Running Your Media Business, You or Your Advertisers?

I have a BIG ad sales pet peeve: ad deadline extensions that have no real deadline bug the hell out of me.


Ad Sales: Stop chasing your own deadlines just because an advertiser wants you to to extend it.

Some magazine always accept ads way past the deadline and only after that would they start working on the next issue.  AHH! Does this sound a little too familiar? Then you know this is a totally crazy way to sell magazine print and online advertising.

When I published monthly magazines I’d never worry about one particular issue. Why? Because we were looking at building long-term relationships and selling complete advertising programs. Selling issue to issue is a recipe for wasting time and energy while never getting ahead.

So many publications today seem not to have ANY deadline at all. The imaginary deadlines bend and flex around every advertiser, and every year they have to bend and flex just a little bit more.

You can escape this insanity! All you have to do is stop thinking month to month and get ahead of the curve. [Read more…]

Avoid These 7 Deadly Sins of Ad Sales Pitching!

Every successful magazine ad salesperson should know by know that sales-pitching is out. Building customer relationships is in. If you don’t know this yet, go back and read Sales Coach Ryan Dohrn’s previous post, Ditch the Sales Pitch. Or read it again to refresh, it’s good stuff.ID-100172662

Inc.com had an entertaining yet informative post about sales presentations and we thought we’d share. (They have really amusing, cartoony images to go with it too, for you creative types.)

Here is an abbreviated version of the 7 Deadly Sins of Sales Pitching:

1) You don’t build suspense. The second your listener says, “I get it,” you’ve lost them. Make your presentation captivating throughout, not just the first 5 minutes.

2) You are too available. Always give a time frame first before presenting. It’s respectful to your client’s time and will make your listeners feel more at ease from the start. [Read more…]