4 Strategies for Ad Sales Success


Here is Part 2 of Ryan’s 4 Ad Sales Truths.

Last week I talked about the 4 Universal Ad Sales Truths You Should Know. This week I am going to discuss them in more detail and give you some ways to overcome the challenges we all face in the ad sales game.

1. People don’t do business with strangers.  Most of us have been taught since we were little, “Don’t talk to strangers!” This age-old directive guides the way people think as adults and as buyers of products and services.  For me, ad sales success came when I realized that in each phase of the sales process, I needed to inject information that was relevant and personal to the person to whom I was pitching. Otherwise, I would just be met with the standard, cold “I don’t know you, so why should I even talk to you, let alone trust you?”

To that end, before I make even my first prospecting sales call, I research LinkedIn®, Facebook® and the Internet for helpful information about my prospect that will help me soften up the prospects’ “stranger danger” mindset.  I also think of some details from my own personal life that I can share. For example, maybe the prospect and I went to the same college or we both love horses. Take some time to find some common ground that will make everyone at ease at the first point of contact. Every email and every voice mail allows me the opportunity to prove that I am relevant, vs scary or a time-sucker– and I let them know that their success is paramount to me. [Read more…]

Ad Sales: The Science of Persuasion


What persuades us? Find out about the science behind it with these 6 shortcuts.

We just saw this Youtube video about the science behind persuasion and HAD to share with you.

It’s totally worth your time. You can apply these ideas to selling advertising in your magazine, increasing renewal and conversion rates, getting more sponsorships for events, and just about any other revenue area of your media company.

This excellent short video by Robert Cialdini and Steve Martin gives you the 6 universal principles of persuasion based on actual scientific research — with real world examples. [Read more…]