Analytics Can Inspire New Digital Revenue Ideas for Publishers

When was the last time you really dug in to your Google Analytics?  There are ways for niche magazine publishers to look at the stats to uncover hidden gems that trigger ways to increase digital revenue.

Jeff Bruss, the Publishing King of numbers and Niche Digital Conference speaker, has plenty of analytics knowledge and experience to share. We caught up with him to ask him how he can help you decipher how mobile, page views, visits, trends and anomalies in analytics can inspire new digital revenue ideas.


Jeff Bruss, President of
COLE Publishing 

Niche: Many publishers use Google Analytics but are not fully utilizing the opportunities generated from that data. What is one thing a publisher could do today to utilize more out of their own data?

Jeff Bruss:The most important thing Google Analytics (GA) does for us is identify trends – both good and bad. By attaching query strings to things you want to track you can identify the paths people use to navigate your site. If a query string receives a high number of clicks you can duplicate characteristics associated with it. Likewise, low clicks means you need to take another look and re-evaluate link location, type, text, whatever. Utilizing all of this data leads to an increase page clicks, and increased page views lead to greater revenue opportunities. [Read more…]