5 Must-Read Posts on Digital Media

We’re picking up speed to the Niche Digital Conference in Savannah, Sept. 28th-30th. So what’s top of mind for super-creatives in the digital media space? Here’s a quick, one-stop read of some of the best posts from our expert speakers to help you stay on track:



Keynote Andrew Davis Flips Revenue Model
Your Editors Can Be Your Next Revenue Rockstars!

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Your Editors Can Be Your Next Revenue Rockstars!


Say what now? Yes, it’s true–your editors and content creators can be your next revenue rockstars.

The most under-utilized asset in a publisher’s portfolio is the editorial talent they employ. The publishers who have embraced the new mindset that bylines are now brands have realized new revenue streams, created new events, launched new web properties, even spun-off new lines of business. The future of the publishing industry isn’t in expanding your masthead brand, it’s in elevating your talent.

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In the News: The Bright Future of Niche Magazines

The power of niche magazines is making big news. As readers are increasingly turning to the Internet for general news and information, niche magazines continue to retain and attract loyal followings. Subscribers may be cancelling their general magazine subscriptions, but they are as a passionate as ever about their niche magazines! Niche magazines are also being particularly responsive and innovative in expanding online and to mobile.ID-10088312

Even when some circulation numbers are decreasing, niche magazines are finding ways to increase revenues–by giving voice to user-generated content, mining the rich gold of reader data, creating profitable new niche events and more.

Here’s a great article in the New York Times this week about the trending success of niche magazines: http://nyti.ms/1kQ0frY

(Media expert, author of Brandscaping, and frequent niche conference speaker, Andrew Davis was quoted in the NYT too.) [Read more…]

What’s New in Web Tools for Niche Magazine Publishers

When it comes to great marketing, Andrew Davis is part entertainer, part evangelist and all educator. He is a speaker and an author and he also recently taught a seminar at our Niche Digital Conference in Nashville. Drew is always a big hit.  Did you catch his appearance on the Today Show last week?


Andrew Davis, CEO of Monumental Shift, shares with us his list of 52 cool new web tools.

So how many of us are trying to keep up with the latest happenin’ stuff in the web world and don’t know where to start?

Drew Davis has created a great, comprehensive list complete with ratings and posted it on his blog. It encompasses the latest technology in presentations, television, music, audio, search tools, video, infographics—even print. Plus there happens to be 52 new tools–so you can learn a new one every week. [Read more…]

The Niche Digital Conference Speaker Interview Collection!


Niche Digital Conference in Nashville happening right now. I’m just gonna say it: Wish I was there!

For the last 3 months we have been interviewing our smart and savvy Niche Digital Conference speakers so those of you who are not attending can still get the best and latest info from industry thought leaders about what’s happening in the niche media world–with a focus on the digital realm- that we are all grappling with and experimenting with and learning about. Whew.

The conference began Monday, September 30th, in Nashville. We completely sold out the conference (yay!) – we make sure we cap the conference at 250 in order to serve our mantra of quality not quantity

Here are links to some our conference speaker interviews, even the keynote interviews with cool creative leaders like Jay Baer and Aaron Kahlow. And everyone LOVES Andrew Davis and Carla Johnson, so there’s that. Sure it’s not the same as learning in person…not at all. You unfortunately were not able to take advantage of the opportunity of fun networking (our specialty) with niche publishing professionals like yourself. [Read more…]

Want to Create a Better Magazine? Think Like a TV Producer!


Drew Davis knows how TV Producers think–and it can help you be a better publisher.

Everyone watches some television, right? So what does the A-Team, soap-operas, Cheers, Sesame Street and even Happy Days teach niche publishers about online content? Guess what—creating profitable online content is just like creating a television show. Niching your niche is like creating or the lineup for a network.

Drew Davis, Founder of Monumental Shift, best-selling author and Niche Digital Conference peaker, tells us that publishers get so focused they lose the opportunity to see their brand the way a TV producer does.

Drew will be leading the session Publishers + TV Producers = Revenue in Nashville this September. We caught up with him recently to get some of his insights:

Niche Media: What are some important ways publishers can think like TV producers as they begin to think about creating an online content strategy?

DD: TV producers are responsible for all the creative content of “the show.” Publishers need to stop thinking about content in terms of advertising and think about content as branding. For example, look at CNN and TV cable networks—they think about the branding underneath their messages as well as the branding of the series line up within the network.

Television programs have notoriously well-formatted content. TV Execs know that the best way to build a long-term audience is to deliver that great content in the same format, week in and week out. The audience knows what to expect—and when it expect it. [Read more…]

How to Create Effective Brand Partnerships

I just finished reading a great book today. You should heed the wise advice of Andrew Davis in BrandscapingID-100110504

It’s the perfect biz concept for niche magazines.  Many niche magazines have limited marketing budgets compared to the biggies. Brandscaping is about exploring ways to partner with other businesses that complement and expand your niche–and stretch your marketing dollars farther. How do you release your own “power to partner?” First, look at what you have done successfully in the last couple of years.  What has worked best and why? Then look for ways engage, hone in on your most enthusiastic participants and get creative.

Some niche magazines are already brandscaping very well. and with great success.  For example, an editor of a regional real estate magazine told us that they effectively partnered with Senior organizations and came up with a big new focus for their magazine by publishing a Senior Housing edition. It has grown the magazine very successfully and has become an annual program. City Dog Magazine creatively partners with popular local events to build in a dog-loving component, such as “bring your dog day at the beer fest,” etc.

And Carol Muse Evans, Publisher/Editor of Birmingham Parent, tells us they learned (and listened) from their readers and a sales rep that there was a real gap in the community for special needs education and networking. The magazine bridged this gap by partnering with the community and creating a Special Needs Expo and two issues a year that are both a public service and money-netting opportunities.

No doubt there is a giant-brain-trust-of-creativity out there in the niche magazine world! Tell me more about what you think of partnerships on Facebook or Twitter.


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