The Brave New World of Lead Gen: Or How to Give Advertisers the ROI They Want!

Yes, it’s a brave new publishing world and you can still measure ROI. Your advertisers are looking for more now than just a list of ad placements on a rate card. They want ROI from your magazine’s leads!

The secret to success is selling targeted audience segments within your ad spaces.

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TMB’s Audience Universe is a Real PLUM!

Don’t be fooled into thinking that innovation and creativity is only in the glamour industries with the name brand publishers. TMB Publications, Inc. out of Chicago a niche provider of high value and diverse content from the plumbing industry is shaking up an industry that is as established as you can get!


TMB Publications, Inc. knows the importance of mastering audience data!

As the long time publisher of successful niche print titles including Plumbing Engineering, PHC News and The Wholesaler, Cate Brown, VP of TMB Publications, realized that even her industry and audience behaviors were changing with the times. Her vision was to re-invent TMB built upon its rich heritage and brand in the plumbing, heating and cooling industry but modernize its go to market strategy.

Like many of her niche peers, she realized that at the heart of the publishing revolution sits audience data: the rich amount of demographic, behavioral and contextual information being created by the audience everywhere they touch the TMB brands. But as a niche publisher, with limited resources and a fairly defined audience, how could TMB pull it off? [Read more…]

Savvy Survey Insights: A Chat with Bill Thompson III


Bill Thompson III of Bird Watcher’s Digest shares his insights on how to better serve (and survey) your readers.

When Bill Thompson III took over the leadership of Bird Watcher’s Digest (the magazine his parents started in 1978), he realized he had to completely change the way he worked. Since then he’s learned the hard way that listening only to your “gut feelings” (as many niche publishers tend to do) can end up gutting your company.

Bill tells us how he went against his own way of thinking and gained valuable insight into his customers, his publication’s content, and how to leverage these insights to improve and expand his business with you guessed it–surveys! [Read more…]