Leveraging Behavioral Intelligence to Improve Audience Engagement

As a media company, your audience is your bread and butter—an asset that brings infinite potential for value and ROI. But information about the people you’re trying to reach often lives in disjointed silos, making it nearly impossible to develop a 360 degree, human perspective: you have a partial view at best of how they’re engaging with your website and what actions they’re taking on your website, ads, and emails.

This industry-wide trend presents a big challenge, as digital ecosystems are becoming increasingly competitive. With information overload being the new norm, it’s critical that publishers take steps to unique these disparate systems to aggregate audience data on one contact record. The result of this critical first step? You’ll be able to learn more about your readers and better engage with them. You’ll also unlock new sources of value for your advertisers who are looking to reach their own stakeholders in an engaging and personalized way. [Read more…]

Niche Digital Conference 2015: Savannah or Bust!!


“Midnight in the Garden of Good and  Evil” embraces Savannah’s unique, passionate and sometimes eccentric spirit—a perfect fit for Niche!

The Niche Digital Conference is in about two months and Thursday, July 23rd is the final super-discount deadline day! Here’s the Niche BIG 20! (20 reasons to attend the 2015 Niche Digital Conference.)

Niche digital publishers need 3 BIG THINGS: Concentrated time for learning new ways to generate online revenue, super-networking, and they need it fast! We have the perfect solution for you:

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Optimize This! Effective Social Media and Enewsletter Programming


Publishing leader Stewart Day talks about optimizing your digital platforms for increased audience engagement.

Social media and enewsletters are pretty much automatic checklist items for expanding both your digital audience and print subscribers. Yet it’s easy to get lost in all the media channels out there if you don’t have the whole team on board, all working toward the same audience development goals.

So how do you best manage these core digital platforms–and measure their effectiveness for growth? We checked in with Stewart Day of Nashville Parent to get his thoughts on how social media and enewsletters can play an important part of a niche magazine’s success.

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An Interview with Ronda Hughes: How to Better Use the Data You Already Have!


Audience development expert Ronda Hughes, of UBM Life Sciences, shares her insights on using the right data.

The big buzz phrase is “Big Data” and that can be big-time daunting for niche media companies. What if you could make big improvements to your business just by making better use of the data you already have??

We asked audience data wiz Ronda Hughes to explain–in plain English–about collecting, integrating, and analyzing audience data and behaviors to improve engagement, develop new products and grow additional revenue streams.

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The REAL reason your digital magazine readers don’t want a digital replica edition!


Online media expert Ed Coburn explains why niche publishers should re-think digital replica editions.

I love technology! I hate technology! I love technology! I hate technology!   

This was my inner dialog recently, as I was ready to throw my iPhone against the wall while reading a blurry page of The New Yorker. Now, if you’re not at the age of, eh, eye discrepancy yet, take a moment to imagine how your parents feel. Or your grandparents, if you’re still lucky enough to have them around.

Place yourself in their shoes: you are at the age where you’re kind of set in your ways, yet haven’t completely lost the will to progress through this wonderful (yet frustrating) age of technological advancement. And those that have seen their parents read a digital replica edition of their favorite magazine on a tablet—time and again—find them zooming in on the page, and then manically swiping the page up and down and left and right to make it through a single sentence. It is hard enough that some pages are simply fuzzy, but it is even worse when you are losing your eyesight.

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Your Editors Can Be Your Next Revenue Rockstars!


Say what now? Yes, it’s true–your editors and content creators can be your next revenue rockstars.

The most under-utilized asset in a publisher’s portfolio is the editorial talent they employ. The publishers who have embraced the new mindset that bylines are now brands have realized new revenue streams, created new events, launched new web properties, even spun-off new lines of business. The future of the publishing industry isn’t in expanding your masthead brand, it’s in elevating your talent.

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16 Super Revenue Ideas for Digital Niche Magazines!


Need some inspiration and revenue ideas for your niche digital magazine? Start reading!

So maybe you already have a digital niche magazine in your product line-up or you are thinking of launching  a new one. Either way, you can’t ignore this recent statistic from PR Newswire’s Magazine Media Factbook 2015:  “U.S. adult viewership of digital edition magazines has more than quadrupled in the last 3 years.”    

So here’s 16 smart revenue ideas from Niche Brain Trust to get you going: [Read more…]

A Radical Idea for Audience Development: Integrate your database!

Editor’s note: VP Eric Rutter recently spoke at the Niche Media Conference about 9 radical ideas for audience development. Here are some of the highlights from the first idea in his presentation, “Integrate Your Database!”


Down with silos! Audience development expert and speaker Eric Rutter gives us the benefits of an integrated database.

Down with silos!! Often a magazine’s database is solidified in silos according to the typical segments, such as print, digital, events and lead gen. This old business database model doesn’t fit with the times anymore.

Think about an integrated audience database. An integrated database is far more useful to you when you connect the dots between website, events, podcasts, webinars, enewsletters, print, mobile, video and all your magazine’s other content platforms. [Read more…]

Niche Media Publishers: Real World Great Ideas!


Niche publishers share their real world great ideas…that work!

The best part of live events, according to attendees, is networking and sharing ideas with peers. That’s why each month we highlight a different niche magazine and what it does really well – consider each article an itty-bitty real world example that you can learn from to find new revenue streams and ways to connect with your niche magazine’s audience.

To get you pumped up for next year and buzzing with ideas, we’ve put together a collection of some of our favorite Magazines of the Month and their awesome ideas. Enjoy!

INSIDE PublicationsGet readers involved! They created a section to print photos of readers holding the magazine in exotic locations and were amazed at the response. Whether a magazine is B2B or B2C, you can create a place to recognize and include your readers. The loyalty payoff is outstanding! [Read more…]

5 Tips For Creating Raving Fans


Raving SF Giants fans win the pennant! Can you spot Carl Landau in the stands?

Ok, we all know the very nature of niche is an enthusiastic, loyal fan base. But how can you create raving fans? You know—the fans that are SO excited about your publication(s) that they share your content and generate new leads for you too.

How do you kick up your fan base to the next level? It takes some work, but with some focused effort you can watch your audience engagement stats and new leads grow.

Here are 5 tips on how to create raving fans: [Read more…]