What’s the Most Shared Content?


Get creative and offer quizzes to kick up your audience engagement and sharing stats!

Come on, admit it……almost everyone has done it at least a few times.

Is it a waste of time? Not necessarily.

We’re talking about QUIZZES. A recent article from SayDaily discusses the effectiveness of offering quizzes–which not only increase reader engagement, but also can increase sales conversion rates too.

Quizzes are the most shared content out there. Doesn’t every niche publisher want to create niched-out content that their target audience wants to read and share?

Check out these compelling stats: [Read more…]

Summer of Niche: Reader Experience–It Matters!

Inside Publications

Inside Publications has a very popular feature and ensures customers love it. Here’s how.

This week’s Summer of Niche great idea includes a little twist. Most local/regional publications include some sort of reader-submitted content. Cecily Hastings and her team at Inside Publications recognized the popularity of one of their special features and took the time to make sure it continued to stay that way for their customers.

Cecily tells us how they did it:

“It started about a decade ago when a savvy PR guy in town took a copy of the magazine to Paris and sent us a photo of himself and his daughter reading the magazine in front of the Eiffel Tower. We ran it and then soon more started to arrive and we developed it as a full page.

It is probably one of the best loved reader-oriented features in our magazine. For many years it was called Readers Near and Far and last year we redesigned and renamed it as we updated our entire publication design. We now call it “Have Inside, Will Travel.”

Here’s the results:

“Within a few years, we had a backlog of more than a year’s worth of travel photos with the magazine.  When people began writing to ask how long they had to wait for their shot to appear, we bought an extra 12 pages of print and ran the backlog as a special section. It has been very well received!  Plus, now we only have a backlog of few months and our readers aren’t waiting and waiting for their photo to appear.

We are amazed that we have had shots from practically every country on earth! And most importantly, we are blessed with such loyal readers each month.”

Here’s the lesson: Periodically gauging customer satisfaction, even for a highly popular, long-standing feature, means that you are not taking your customers’ experience for granted. Ever. Way to go, Inside Publications!


More about Cecily and Inside Publications:  Cecily Hastings is the founder and publisher of Inside Publications. The 4 neighborhood publications feature 100% local original content and are direct mailed at no charge to neighborhood homeowners. More than 350 small business advertisers support the publications with ads that appear in from one to all four editions.


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