5 Ways to Brand Your Editors


Don’t make your editors mysterious! Encourage them to be a face for your publication.

Your editors are already building engagement (or should be), but can they also build your brand? YES!

A brand isn’t a brand until you add a personality to the mix. Otherwise it’s a simple physical representation of your product or service. “Face” editors who are willing – and able – to travel, speak publicly, visit news sources in person, go to trade shows, moderate panels and events, and even give keynote speeches, are worth their weight in gold.

A well known editor drives industry prestige, can make your publication seem “bigger” than it is, can impact digital ad sales and sponsorships, and have a huge impact on your publication. How do you get them started? [Read more…]

How to Create Effective Brand Partnerships

I just finished reading a great book today. You should heed the wise advice of Andrew Davis in BrandscapingID-100110504

It’s the perfect biz concept for niche magazines.  Many niche magazines have limited marketing budgets compared to the biggies. Brandscaping is about exploring ways to partner with other businesses that complement and expand your niche–and stretch your marketing dollars farther. How do you release your own “power to partner?” First, look at what you have done successfully in the last couple of years.  What has worked best and why? Then look for ways engage, hone in on your most enthusiastic participants and get creative.

Some niche magazines are already brandscaping very well. and with great success.  For example, an editor of a regional real estate magazine told us that they effectively partnered with Senior organizations and came up with a big new focus for their magazine by publishing a Senior Housing edition. It has grown the magazine very successfully and has become an annual program. City Dog Magazine creatively partners with popular local events to build in a dog-loving component, such as “bring your dog day at the beer fest,” etc.

And Carol Muse Evans, Publisher/Editor of Birmingham Parent, tells us they learned (and listened) from their readers and a sales rep that there was a real gap in the community for special needs education and networking. The magazine bridged this gap by partnering with the community and creating a Special Needs Expo and two issues a year that are both a public service and money-netting opportunities.

No doubt there is a giant-brain-trust-of-creativity out there in the niche magazine world! Tell me more about what you think of partnerships on Facebook or Twitter.


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