King Arthur Flour Cooks Up Success with Baking Sheet App

KAF-App-LaunchKing Arthur Flour, who most of us know for their healthy whole grain products, tasty recipes, and cooking classes, is actually a prolific publisher with exclusive niche content.

Earlier this year they came to GTxcel (formerly Godengo+Texterity) with an ambitious plan: they wanted to amass more than 3,000 recipes distilled from 22 years of publishing their Baking Sheet, a monthly 24 page compendium of original, kitchen-tested delights.

The King Arthur Flour Company was founded in 1790 and has evolved with the market, often leading the charge in baking technique and yes, publishing. See the back story here.

What resulted was a free app with paid content.   The app is built for smartphones and tablets —  iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and Google’s Nexus 7. [Read more…]

A Small – But Mighty – Nonprofit’s Publication Hits the Big Time with a New Subscription Plan


With Mequoda’s digital publishing know-how, this small nonprofit found new revenue in its publications.

One of several Mequoda Group nonprofit clients, The Biblical Archaeology Society was founded in 1974 as a nondenominational, educational organization dedicated to the study of archaeology in the Bible lands. In the 21st century, Mequoda has guided it to a brilliant strategy for monetizing its content online and generating entirely new revenues.

How? The Biblical Archaeological Society now offers not one, but two digital subscriptions. One is for its legacy print publication, Biblical Archaeology Review. And they manage to sell a healthy number of online magazine subscriptions at $19.95 for six issues per year.

The other subscription is for their massive library, including more than 6,600 articles from 35 years of Biblical Archaeology Review. The library even includes articles from two magazines they no longer even publish: 20 years’ worth of Bible Review and eight years of Archaeology Odyssey. That makes for a truly valuable product that appeals to researchers, scholars, archaeologists and Bible history aficionados. [Read more…]

Audience Development Done Right: Publishers Get Personal with a “Lifestyle” Strategy

Diana Landau, Niche Content Wrangler By Diana Landau, Niche Content Wrangler

There’s no doubt this is a challenging time for niche magazines and you have to get it right to stay profitable. You may need to adopt a whole new way of thinking. Here’s a niche magazine that is serious about its strategy for getting to the right audience in a big way: John Taraborelli of Providence Monthly told us that for his publication, “…..we recognize we are in the lifestyle business, not the magazine business.” This lifestyle strategy  doesn’t just apply to B2C magazines, it can also apply B2B and Association publications as well. How? Successful magazines have discovered that focusing stories on interesting people and their lifestyles within their niche resonates most effectively with their target audience.  ID-10066844

It’s what their readers say they want to be informed about and it works. Increased subscriptions and overall retention is the result. For example, Association magazine publishers tell us although it may seem counter-intuitive, their readership does not want to always hear a ton of association chatter. They want to hear about cool people within their niche who do interesting things. Who doesn’t?

This does not mean you have to turn your magazine into the latest edition of The National Enquirer. But you and your teams can look at ways to profile your niche’s best of the best, the most innovative, the most unconventional, the most inspirational.  Or just thoughtful stories about what your readers are doing–it’s all good. Share with us how you successfully focus on lifestyles within your niche on our Facebook or Twitter.


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