B2C Magazine Insights: MPA Report Reveals New B2C Stats


MPA releases new, intriguing stats on consumer demand for magazines.

The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) has recently introduced their new  Magazine Media 360° report. It is an attempt to gauge the effectiveness of consumer magazine media, measured and communicated by its cross-platform, consumer demand.

This new measurement of “Magazine Media Vitality” better captures the consumer demand by measuring print, digital, websites, video and mobile platforms in order to gain a more holistic and accurate view of the health of a magazine.

Here’s a quick snapshot from Magazine Media 360° Report:

  • There is a gross audience for consumer magazine brands of 1.514 billion in September 2014, (compared to 1.369 billion in September 2013.)
  • This significant growth is largely attributable to a 90% rise in mobile web use, a doubling of video consumption and the steady performance of print/digital editions, which were up 2.1%.

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