3 Things Your Magazine is Not Doing with Social Media (That You Actually Already Do!)


3 easy ways to share with your readers
–that you actually are already doing!

You are the editor of a small-to-medium-sized publication with a limited staff.

You are already stretched thin filling the magazine.

Then came your website.

Then came Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. And more. Using these social media outlets takes time, attention, and content.

“Where am I going to find the content?” you ask. “Where am I going to find the time to post it?”

Surprise! You’re already doing it! Here’s three easy ways to integrate what you already do with your magazine’s social media: [Read more…]

20/20 #13: Covertside: Refocus Content on What Matters to Readers

Here’s our Thirteenth 20 for 20 (20 niche magazines in 20 days sharing their strategies for success): Covertside: the Magazine of Mounted Foxhunting. Covertside‘s vital statistics:

Covertside: The Magazine of Mounted Foxhunting

Covertside refocused content on what readers wanted most

PUBLICATION: Association, subscription, quarterly to 7,000 association members
TARGET: Members of the foxhunting community and those interested in foxhunting
BIG IDEA: Refocus your content on what matters most to your readers

Covertside magazine did something a little counter-intuitive for an association publication: they stopped focusing on the association! The magazine moved their content away from the usual Association chatter and instead focused more on quality content about the sport itself, which is what their membership really wants to read about anyway. Their membership is a diverse group from all over the world with an ardent passion for their sport, and this content strategy has created very loyal subscribers. Emily Esterson points our that refocusing on high quality content with lifestyle issues, such as an art issue or even a hound issue, really makes an impact with their subscribers.

20/20 #9: Talking Stick – Volunteer-Generated Content

Here’s our ninth 20 for 20 (20 niche magazines in 20 days  sharing their strategies for success):  Talking Stick – Volunteer-Generated Content   Talking Stick‘s vital statistics:

Talking Stick magazine

Member-created content makes Talking Stick stand out

PUBLICATION: Association, 6 times a year, controlled to members plus some paid, 4,500 copies, also available in NxtBook format.
TARGET: Members of the Association of College and University Housing Officers, International, those professionals who work in all aspects of the campus housing world.
BIG IDEA: Volunteer-generated content

Native American legend has it that when a council is formed, sacred points of view are shared by passing the stick to the person who is to speak. This is the perfect metaphor (and certainly an intriguing magazine name!) for this association magazine. There’s a lot of buzz surrounding user-generated content. Talking Stick has been providing volunteer-generated content to its members for years, and they have the results to prove it works.

“It’s a win-win-win,” shared James Baumann, Director of Communications and Marketing for ACUHO-I. A benefit of their membership is the ability to submit content, and they have a volunteer advisory board to develop story ideas. This system provides Talking Stick with a never-ending stream of quality content. Plus, a member gets published, thus expanding their professional experience and resulting in an increase in membership renewals every year. Their diverse academic membership is totally wired for learning and sharing. And James says that Talking Stick never forgets the “heart” of the magazine—that they are volunteer-driven.